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3 Common Reasons for Office Printer Repair

office printer repair

3 Common Reasons for Office Printer Repair

There are few things more annoying than dealing with a broken printer. Printers have a reputation for being temperamental and failing at the least convenient moments. Often, once you have exhausted all the obvious solutions, it’s difficult to figure out what the problem is. Luckily, you have Hallmark Copier to help you will all your office printer repair needs!


Speaking of the obvious solutions, let’s look at how to resolve the three most common reasons people need office printer repair.


Paper Jams

Several things could cause a paper jam, but the most likely is that the paper tray was overfilled or the paper wasn’t lined up correctly in the tray. Using paper that is the wrong weight or size can also cause a jam. But whatever caused the jam, the solution is to pull the paper out and remove any torn pieces that might be stuck in the assembly. Clearing it out usually does the trick, but sometimes you will have to repair or replace the paper feed roller or pickup assembly.


Cartridge Problems

You’ll know you have a problem with your ink or toner cartridges because it results in poor print quality. More often than not, all you have to do is replace the cartridges or the drum. Clogged nozzles can also give you poor print quality. The most complicated causes are software updates or compatibility issues. If reinstalling and downloading the necessary drivers and updates doesn’t fix the problem, you’ll want to call a professional for repairs.


Electrical Issues

If electrical issues are causing problems with your office printer, the first thing to do is the first rule of IT: turn it off and on again. If that doesn’t work, check that all the cables are securely connected and in good shape. Look for frayed wires or broken insulation on the cables and replace any that look iffy. If you have it plugged into a power strip with surge protection, make sure that it can handle the required power and isn’t automatically shutting off because there are too many devices plugged into it.


office printer repair

Office Printer Repair from Hallmark Copier

Many offices and businesses still need copiers and printers for their daily operations. When your printer breaks down, you need a reliable office printer repair team. Contact Hallmark Copier at 1-800-622-9099 for repairs, supplies, and more!