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6 Industries That Use Commercial Printers

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6 Industries That Use Commercial Printers

Many industries often need to print documents, images, and other materials. Business owners within these industries are on the lookout for commercial printers for sale that can meet their daily printing needs. At Hallmark Copier, we are proud to work with these businesses and offer top-notch commercial printers for sale.


Here are six industries that regularly use commercial printers.


Legal Services

Lawyers and law firms rely on commercial printers to print high volumes of important documents. Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of many of the contracts and other legal documents they handle, they often need physical copies of documents that they cannot send electronically. Lawyers must ensure that all documents are accurate and legible, so a high-quality printer is indispensable.


Real Estate

Real estate agencies need to print property flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials to attract potential buyers. These materials have images that have to be produced in high quality so prospective homeowners can see the features of the various properties for sale. They also need to print contracts and offers that are clear, accurate, a legible.


Event Management

Like real estate agencies, event management companies also need to print flyers and brochures in addition to larger materials like posters to promote their events. These materials need to be bright and eye-catching to attract attendees to their events. A good commercial printer is a must-have for any company in this industry.



Manufacturing companies regularly print labels, packing slips, and other documents concerning their products. In order to keep track of their inventory, manufacturers often print barcodes and other labels to organize their products. A high-quality commercial printer ensures that scanners can read the barcodes and workers can read the labels.



Restaurants print marketing materials to show off their food and attract diners. Many restaurants also frequently change their menus, so it is more efficient to have a printer on-site. Restaurant owners want their menus and other printed materials to look professional and attractive to make a good impression on their customers.


Architecture and Engineering

Architecture and engineering firms often need to print blueprints and mechanical drawings. To do so, they need large format printers that can accommodate the dimensions of the documents and images. Detailed images are also necessary for their work, so these industries rely on high-quality commercial printers.


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