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Commercial Printers for Sale: What Features Do You Need?

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Commercial Printers for Sale: What Features Do You Need?

Many companies are making efforts to go paperless, but there are certain industries that still need to print their documents. Even if you run a largely paperless company, there are still circumstances when you need to print something. So when you are looking at available commercial printers for sale, there are various factors you have to consider. Every business and office will have slightly different needs, and commercial printers offer various features to help meet those needs.


In this article, we’re going to look at three of the most common features businesses need from their commercial printers.


Printing Technology

Most commercial printers are either inkjet or laser printers. For most commercial or office settings, a laser printer is going to be preferable. Inkjet printers are usually less expensive than laser printers, but they have a lower print capacity. Laser printers can put out a high volume of printed pages in a short amount of time. Inkjet printers, however, can produce high-quality color prints, so they are sometimes preferred by graphic designers for marketing materials.


Print Speed and Volume

How often and how many pages you need to print on a daily basis will affect what model of commercial printer you need. Printers have pages per minute (PPM) and images per minute (IPM) ratings that let you know their capabilities. If you only have to print out the occasional document, a lower PPM or IPM rating will not impede the operation of your business or office. For businesses that often print high volumes, a printer with a high PPM rating will be a better choice.


Multi-Function Capability

Most printers also have scanning and photocopying capabilities, but not all. If you need these other features, choose a machine that can do it all rather than purchasing multiple devices. Some printers are also fax machines, if that is a feature you need. We may think of faxing as outdated technology, but many offices still use it. For example, doctor’s offices often utilize faxes as a secure way to quickly transmit data and share documents.


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Whether you’re running a small business out of your home or managing a large office, you need a good printer. Our team at Hallmark Copier can help you compare the available commercial printers for sale and select the best model for your needs.


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