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Printer Repair: How to Get Rid of Lines on Your Print Job

Printer Repair: How to Get Rid of Lines on Your Print Job

When you print off a document, you want it to be crisp, clean, and easy to read. If—once your pages come out of the printer—they are covered with vertical lines, that is more than frustrating. At Hallmark Copier, helping businesses keep up with their document needs is what we do, so we’re here to help with basic printer repair. Lines on your print jobs are a common problem, and it is often relatively easy to fix yourself.


Let’s look at what causes lines on a print job and how to get rid of them.


What causes lines on a print job?

Usually, lines or shading on your printed pages is due to a problem with the print cartridge. The print cartridge contains both the toner and the imaging drum. If something gets stuck in the print cartridge or it wasn’t cleaned effectively, you can get those unsightly streaks and shading. To keep this from happening, it’s important to always carefully handle the print cartridge. Avoid shaking it when you are installing or replacing the cartridge, as that can damage its contents.

How do you check the print cartridge?

The first thing to do is to confirm that the cartridge is in fact what is causing the issue. Follow
these simple steps to check the cartridge:
● Remove the print cartridge.
● Look for lines on the imaging drum. If you see any, your cartridge is most likely causing the printing problems.
● Replace the cartridge with a new one and put it back in the machine.
● Print off a test document to confirm the issue has been corrected.

If your pages come out clean, you’re all set! You successfully identified and resolved your printer problem.


Didn’t work? Call Hallmark Copier for printer repair!

If replacing the drum or print cartridge didn’t fix your problem, it’s time to call in the pros for printer repair. At Hallmark Copier, we perform services and repairs on most major brands. One of our technicians will be happy to repair your printer and provide you with the operating supplies you need to keep printing.


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